It's a badge of honour

Authentic. It's a badge of honour.

All Chrysler, Jeep and Chrysler vehicles share a passionate heritage – being engineered for many years for pure enjoyment. Whether it’s the off–roading freedom of Jeep, inviting luxury of Chrysler or urban street–smarts of Chrysler.

But not everyone heads straight to the new car showroom. Many are looking out for that special pre-owned vehicle that meets their desire for unique driving pleasure with proven reliability and value.

With this in mind, we bring you the ‘Authentic’ range of exceptional pre–owned Chrysler, Jeep and Chrysler vehicles.

Hand–picked by experts and meeting the most stringent criteria, they boast a special badge of honour. One worthy of Chrysler founder Walter P. Chrysler’s signature.

Put simply, they are the best of the best, ready and waiting for a loving new owner to enjoy to the fullest.

Buying authentic is buying peace of mind.

We stand behind every vehicle that is deemed Authentic and we’ll provide you with the full support and benefits that every Authentic deserves. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that each vehicle has been subjected to a thorough evaluation to ensure that the highest standards are met.

Complete Service History

Every Authentic vehicle possesses a complete Chrysler Jeep Chrysler authorised service history with no more than one scheduled service missed over the vehicle’s motoring life. You can be rest assured knowing that only Chrysler Australia trained technicians have cared for your vehicle since the very beginning.

Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty(1)

All Authentic vehicles come with up to 2 years extended manufacturer’s warranty, with no restriction on kilometres

Genuine Parts and Accessories

Authentic vehicles possess only genuine Chrysler Jeep Chrysler parts and accessories which have been manufactured with the fit, finish and functionality specifically designed for your vehicle.

Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection

To ensure that every Authentic vehicle is of the highest quality, every pre–owned vehicle is subjected to a comprehensive 122 point inspection before being awarded an Authentic badge. Our factory–trained technicians conduct rigorous testing on every aspect of the vehicle, which covers suspension, brakes, transmission, electrical and all safety related components.

24hr Roadside Assistance(1)

All Authentic vehicles receive 24hr Roadside Assistance throughout the life of the extended manufacturer’s warranty. This means that you will have 24/7 nationwide assistance wherever you are in the country.

Visit your local Chrysler dealer to see their collection of authentic pre owned vehicles